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eBook FAQ

What is an eBook?

  • eBooks are digital, downloadable versions of books. In most cases they look exactly like the print version, so you will see all the same graphs, charts, and drawings.
  • You can download and read eBooks on your desktop, laptop, and/or a variety of mobile devices with an e-reader application.

What e-reading software should I use?

  • Adobe Digital Editions, a free application from Adobe, is needed to read eBooks purchased from each of the university presses that are a part of Longleaf Services.

What devices support by Adobe Digital Editions?

  • Adobe Digital Editions can be installed on most Windows and Macintosh computers.
  • It can also be installed on Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system.
  • A full list of eReader devices on which Adobe Digital Editions can be installed on can be found here.

Do eBooks “expire” or “time out”?

  • Your eBook will not expire. Once you have downloaded it to your device it is stored in your Adobe Digital Editions library and will remain there until you choose to delete it.

Do I have to pay shipping, handling, or taxes on Longleaf Services eBooks?

  • When you purchase an eBook through a Longleaf Services client publisher there are no shipping and handling charges. Sales tax will be based on your credit card billing address.

Can I return an eBook purchase?

  • Unfortunately, eBooks are not returnable.

How do I download my eBook from Longleaf Services?

  • After your purchase has completed the shopping cart will provide a link for you to use to download your eBook.
  • The link will also appear in the Order Confirmation email sent to you by Longleaf Services at the completion of your order.

How many times may I download my eBook?

  • Adobe allows you to download your eBook six times. You may use these downloads to download your eBook to different devices or to a new, updated device.
  • If you need an additional download, contact Longleaf Services' IT Manager, Tom Franklin via email or by phone at (919) 962-4196.

How do I download my eBook again or download it to another device?

  • In the upper right hand corner of the page, above the shopping cart icon, click on "SignIn."
  • Log in with the User Name and Password you used when you purchased your eBook.
    • If you have forgotten your User Name or Password, click on the appropriate button on the page.
    • If you have problems recovering your User Name or resetting your Password, contact Longleaf Services' IT Manager, Tom Franklin either by email or by phone at (919) 962-4196.

How do I install my eBook on my NOOK_ eReader?

  • Barnes and Noble, the makers of the NOOK_ eReader have detailed instructions for working with Adobe Digital Editions files here.

Can I share my eBook?

  • eBooks sold by our university press client publishers are only licensed for use by one individual and cannot be shared.

What is DRM, and how will it affect my eBook ownership?

  • You may see Digital Rights Management (DRM) in your Longleaf Services eBook Terms of Use, located in the front of your eBook. DRM places the purchaser’s account name and email address in the eBook file. This system ensures that a specific copy of a Longleaf Services eBook is licensed to one individual and that individual alone uses it. In this way, copyright laws are respected and authors and publishers are compensated fairly.

Can I print my eBook?

  • Unfortunately, no.  eBooks sold by our university press client publishers cannot be printed out after purchase.

Why do I need to authorize my computer with my Adobe ID?

  • Our eBooks carry digital protection via Adobe and are read on e-readers that support Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM). You need an Adobe user account to read our eBooks. Consult the Adobe website if you have questions about using the software.
  • When you install the application, Adobe will prompt you to complete their simple and quick registration process. If you do not receive a prompt go to Help >> Authorize Computer (Mac and PC) to key in your Username and Password.

Can I read my eBook on an Amazon Kindle eReader?

  • Unfortunately, no. Amazon uses a proprietary file type for their Kindle eReader and Adobe Digital Editions does not work with this file format.
  • Adobe Digital Editions can, however, be installed on Amazon's Kindle Fire Tablet.

Will I be able to view my eBooks offline?

  • Yes. You just need to download your eBook to your PC, laptop or mobile device. Once the book is downloaded onto your device, you can read it offline.

Additional Questions:

  • Please contact Longleaf Services' IT Manager, Tom Franklin, via email or by phone at (919) 962-4196.